For the Restorative Dentist

Finally! A Dental Implant for the General Dentist and Patient.

Beautiful, Safe, Simple and Cost-Effective....
What more could you ask?

Beauty and Esthetics

One of the most perplexing problems with implants is the issue of esthetics, or how to make the implants appear as natural teeth. The heightened awareness of esthetics among the general population today is well known. Implant dentistry has suffered due to the resulting “Tell-tale Ring” (metal margin) around the base of the crown found in most implant systems. With esthetics and general health being a key driving force in dentistry today, PerioSeal’s design offers an engineering and biologically superior solution to these problems for both the dental profession and the periodontal and general health of the public.

Simple and Cost-Effective

Both patients and practitioners are demanding implant designs, materials, and simple techniques to provide a higher degree of success, esthetics, and longevity without creating possible health concerns for patients. The PerioSeal™ Ferrule™ attachment allows for routine crown and bridge dentistry. An external locking taper permits the ferrule to interface with the prosthetic crown, simulating a conventional standard dental crown. The Ferrule™ attachment is used with dental cement which simplifies the restorative phase. An increased surface area contact and enhanced distribution of occlusal force creates a strong connection without the micro-gap, thereby eliminating potential periodontal pathogens. With the Ferrule™ attachment, the dental cement, and the internal Collet™ lock engaging the implant, the connection of the crown to the PerioSeal™ implant is significantly stronger than standard external or internal hex connections. The PerioSeal Implant System, utilizing standard implant surgical principles and conventional prosthetic principles, is easily incorporated into your practice. For these reasons, in cases requiring an abutment-to-implant connection, the PerioSeal™ implant should be your implant of choice.

Safety and Science

Scientific and clinical studies have shown periodontal pathogens exist within the micro-gap of other implant systems. Through a DNA study, destructive periodontal pathogens were identified in the implant abutment junction micro-gap of other implant systems. The presence of these pathogens seriously compromise the success of the implant and the general health of the patient. The periodontal pathogens identified within the micro-gap have a direct relationship to health concerns in the areas of cardiology, orthopedics, general health (bacteremia), pulmonary problems, pre-term birth, increased surgical risks, and increased insurance claims. The PerioSeal™ implant corrects this major health issue of other dental implants. Using the Ferrule™ attachment applies sound biological and mechanical principles to the field of implant dentistry, benefiting you and your patients.