Our Commitment

The PerioSeal Company is committed to the advancement of dental science and dental implant technology. The company has ongoing research for the betterment of the dental profession. The PerioSeal Dental Implant System was first developed in 1995 and has proven to be one of the better systems to date, if not the best on the market. From its inception, the company's implant system has been developed based on simplicity, safety, esthetics and technical accuracy. The features of PerioSeal implants were based on eliminating the problems of other implant systems; therefore PerioSeal is “Different for a Reason™.”

Our commitment at PerioSeal is to provide the dental profession with state of the art, and most cost effective dental implants and associated products, coupled with competent, reliable customer service. “PerioSeal is the implant for every office™”. We stand ready to serve you at all times. Please call at 1-888-446-7126.